EN)Donate Hygiene items 【ご報告】日用品寄付@ロンドン

It is our 4th season to donate hygiene items
to charity.
This time 100tooth brushes and razors were given
to The Connection at St. Martin-in-the-fields in London.

The day centre is helping homeless people seven days a week,
providing Medical Services, Cafe, Showers and loundry,
Jobs, activities,advice.

we thank people of Kawaguchi for their generosity
donating such a wonderful gifts those in need.

【チャリティ+コミュニティ in London.】


The Connectionという名の施設は、


EN). Road to Pax Lodge, London ロンドンへの道!

Leader Chi again will visit London early next Month.
Hoping to visit Pax Lodge , One of Girl Guides +Scouts

I’ve been preparing for SWAP BOX…



Last time I visited, I put some crafts from our scouts in exchange
for the others from guides and scouts all over the world,
from Australia, UK, US, El Salbador and more.

It is an unique box that we could feel much closer even we have
never met. Girlguiding or Scouting is the world organized and
we are all sisters!





Scouting for Food in Japan (EN) 英語

I am so excited to announce the season has come!
4th annual food Drive will soon be starting with a great help of
19th Kawaguchi, Boy Scouts of Japan.

we collected 15kg total previous year, in which made
our community against hunger and poverty.

Collected food items will be carried to a local Curves
fitness by cub scouts for its nationwide Food Drive campaign.

Hope our movement widely spread to other
agencies, companies or even individuals for local

neighbours helping neighbours!


Food Drive 2013 (in English)

日本語版はこちら Japanese

We are proud to announce that we finally collected
more food items ever since our troop first began Food Drive in 2010.

Kawaguchi 19, Saitama Boy Scouts of Japan and Saitama 59,Girl scouts of Japan
joint community service project might be
the first group to have done food drive in Honshu mainland in Japan.


This project kicked off last November, learned about
people strugging in poverty situation and introduced how we
solve the problem through Food Drive, in addition, introduced
Boy Scouts Of America annual Food Drive “Scouting for Food” .
All excited to hear about Boy/Girl Scouts overseas, yelled
“Same Cub uniforms! ”
“Wow! Cool patches”.


Non perishable food items best before 1st of May, 2013 were brought
from their homes (not door knob hanging style…), oil, seasonings, tea, curry mix,
canned food, noodles, pasta, pickles etc. the total weighs 25kg.


Everybody seemed happy to collect so many food items more than they thought,
pledging won’t leave unfinished on their meals every day.


Those items will be donated to local community through Curbs fitness
Kawaguchi Minamicho studio on the 2nd of Feb. 2013.

written by Chi ( leader of Senior and Ranger scouts )

Season for Food Drive (in English)

Happy halloween from Japan!

I am so excited to hear that Boy scouts of America hosts
annual Food Drive this season.
Food drive is not familiar among Japanese, but our troop
Girl Scouts 59th and Boy Scouts 19th Kawaguchi will
join together Scouting for Food early next year.

If your troop or family joined this service project, I would
like to hear how you enjoyed collecting foods from door to door,
or show in your blogs.

Thank you of your kindness

Leader Chi
Saitama, Japan

EN) Community Service

Community Service Project
We will donate used phone cards and train cards from people of
Kawaguchi to Yomiuri News in March. How they work for?
Every card is sold to collectors overseas which is designed
with beautiful picture of nature, world heritage site or even cartoon

Other project is to donate 100 tooth brushes to a local church in SF in Feb.
You might know the most of Japanese hotels and inns set tooth brush and
tooth paste. I always bring back them (new) and keep them for donations.

Food Drive 2012

Food Drive
Senior + Ranger Scouts gathered on weekday evening, delivered
Non perishable foods to Curbs Fitness in Kawaguchi.
This project started in 2009, since Chi (Leader) saw a flyer
“Food Drive” by Boy Scouts of America in SF bay area.

Food Bank and Food Drive are not familar with Japanese people,
the first Food Bank was launched in Tokyo just a decade ago.

 Curbs Fitness and Second Harvest has been  conducting Food Drive
 for 5years and made the event success to members or even
local people. 

This project gave us to think of people in poverty situation,    amount of
waste food we throw away in our daily life. 

We collected; Rice, Canned food, Oils, Seasonings, Dried Seaweed,
Japanese tea, Noodles.
If you have any ideas or experience in Food Drive, we can share our
thoughts in our blog.

Leader Chi